What Works Cities Meets #ELGL18

Posted on May 16, 2018

What Works Cities takes the #ELGL18 stage on Wednesday afternoon. Before you head to the session, learn more about What Works Cities’ Certification. 

Podcast: The What Works Cities Certification

A new program from Bloomberg’s What Works Cities is recognizing and celebrating the local governments that are leading the nation in the use of data. Simone Brody, the Executive Director of What Works Cities, and Jennifer Park, the Associate Director, came on GovLove to talk about What Works Cities Certification. They share why cities should pursue certification, success stories from the first 9 certified cities and how it can be scaled to all sizes of cities.

Podcast: Leveraging Data to Improve Local Government

In a wide ranging interview, ELGL Co-Founder Kent Wyatt interview Zach Markovits, Director of City Programs, What Works Cities, about:

  • His celebrity look-alike,
  • East Coast vs. West Coast,
  • Three facts about What Works Cities that are not on their website,
  • How What Works Cities can help cities of all size,
  • If open data scares local government leaders,
  • How civil servants are cities’ most under-used asset,
  • Three biggest challenges faced by What Works Cities,
  • The upcoming 2016 Center for Priority Based Budgeting Conference,
  • Whether What Works Cities will ever work themselves out of a job, and
  • Becoming a professional cellist.

Inside the Certification: District of Columbia – Lia Katz, Applied Research Analyst, Office of Budget and Performance Management, Office of the City Administrator writes about DC’s success on achieving Silver Certification.

Inside the Certification: City of Scottsdale, Arizona – Brent Stockwell walks us through the Scottsdale’s experience with What Works Cities Certification.

Inside the Certification: City of San Diego, California – Samantha Brumit, Program Coordinator – Performance & Analytics, highlights how the City of San Diego landed a Silver level certification.

Inside the Certification: City of Las Vegas, Nevada – Victoria Carreón talks about how Las Vegas achieved recognition on the Certification Honor Roll.

Inside the Certification: City of Topeka, Kansas – Leigha Boling, City of Topeka, Kansas, Performance Analyst, provides insight into Topeka’s recognition on the Certification Honor Roll.

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