#WomensMarch: Show Support and Get Involved

Posted on January 21, 2017

The 2017 Women’s March is for any person, regardless of gender or gender identity, who believes women’s rights are human rights. ELGL will show our continued support for women’s rights by highlighting our #13Percent series throughout the day on Facebook and Twitter. This post is one-stop shopping for articles written by ELGL members about women’s rights. We encourage you to share your favorite article from the #13Percent series by sharing it on social media or the comments section below.

Two other options for getting involved:


Glacial Pace: State of Women Managers in Local Government

Our Missing Leaders by Mark Funkhouser, Publisher of GOVERNING

On Momentum & Progress: #13Percent to #GenderBalance

Breaking the Gender Cycle in Local Government Leadership

Looking Local for Inspiration to Overcome the Blanket of Darkness

“You’re Cute When You’re Angry…”

#ELGLWorkLife: Returning to Work After Childbirth by Marissa Grass

#ELGLWorkLife: “To and Fro the Pendulum Throws…” by Rebecca Olson

#13Percent: Fight Like Hell Dammit, and Win! by Ashley Jacobs

#ELGLWorkLife: In It Together by Julie Underwood and Todd Fiala

Life as a City Manager’s Child with Will Norris, Long Beach (CA)

#13Percent Club: Keep Advisors Close

#13Percent: Seek Challenges and Shape Your Network by Amy Jauron

#13Percent Club: You Know More Than You Think You Know

#13Percent: I’m a 36-Year Old White Male

#13Percent – Reflections on the Hashtag

13 Percent: Creating Dynamic Leaders Through Mentorship

#13Percent Club: Male Mentors Make a Difference

From My Perspective: #13Percent by Bonnie Svrcek

#13Percent: The Role of the Elected Official with Rafael Baptista

13 Percent and Organizational Management Theory: You won’t be bored by this (probably, maybe)

#13 Percent: Engage, Rather Than Assume, Minority Groups Feel Supported

#13Percent: Passing the Buck Article Lands On Route Fifty

Her Name is Governor Brown

#13Percent: Women in the Holler: Fixing the 13% Problem in Rural Areas

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Data Download: Measures to Meaning

Data Download: Measures to Meaning – Part 2

Data Download: Measures to Meaning – Part 3

Break it Down: Increasing Women in Local Gov Leadership

#13Percent: Using Data to Improve Diversity and Inclusion

Push/Pull: Opening the Door to Survey Responses

Pushed or Pulled? Responses to the Push/Pull Survey

Push/Pull: Closing Out the Push/Pull Analysis


Exclusive: ELGL Executive Director Discusses Discrimination Suit

GovLove: Glass Shattering Police Chiefs

GovLove: The Stories Behind The Start-Up City with Leah Treat and Gabe Klein

Podcast: You (Yes You!) Can Run for Local Office

Podcast: Bonus! The League of Women in Government

Podcast: #13Percent Measures to Meaning

Webinars (Must be an ELGL member to view the webinar recordings.)

Follow Up Reading From CCCMA Women Leading Government Conference Call

ICMA Recap: Expanding Diversity and Inclusion in Local Government

Webinar: Women in Local Government

California’s Glass Ceiling, Watch the Webinar

Watch the #13Percent Webinar with Heidi Voorhees and Rachel Lange-Skaggs

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