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Posted on July 8, 2019


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ELGL doesn’t use the #mword but I’m about to use it. A lot.

I believe that millennials will change the local government workforce. They didn’t start it, and there will continue to be changes after them.

Because of the pure magnitude of millennials in the workforce, organizations can’t get away with telling an entire generation to do it the way it’s always been done before.

Prior generations embraced the idea that “the way it’s always been done” was not good enough. They saw a better way to do something, they took risks, and they acknowledged failure was sometimes needed to improve the status quo. Hat tip to previous generations.

Organizations that give staff room to try something new and fail are bringing forward brilliant ideas that change the face of local government.

Some cities spark excitement using What Works Cities, others simply hear out a bold idea and give the freedom to take it somewhere.

Whatever the path looks like, it requires a leader taking a chance on someone, which is how people can truly evolve in their career.

I’ve spent the majority of my career in HR; even when my role was outside of HR I managed to play an informal role. I did this due to a strong nerd vein that fuels my work life: I believe there is always a ‘right’ person for the job. I believe there is always a ‘right’ job for a person. This isn’t the same job for one person’s entire life, this is the right job for the right person right now. And if HR can work with hiring managers to fully understand the role, they can help them reach that person and hire them for the job.

Easier said than done, I know. That’s where #ELGLMeagle comes into play. Your organization can do the hiring for you.

Local government is a community, and some cities have a reputation of being a great place to work because of what they do, how they do it, and the communities they build.

I can think of three right off the top of my head, each from a different time zone, that have it going on right now. I don’t want to stack the deck, so I’ll keep them to myself.

If you are in local government, you should know the best places to work. And if you think you work there, then you should nominate your organization to win the #ELGLMeagle Award. Part of ELGL entering the stratosphere has been identifying and recognizing the raddest and baddest in the industry, and this is a perfect example about how the future of local government is changing.

As the best and brightest continue to join the workforce &/or grow and develop in their careers, the competition will become more and more steep for organizations wanting to hire the best local government has to offer.

Winners of the #ELGLMeagle will receive a graphic to publicize their award, their work will be highlighted as best practice, and obviously they will join an elite group of ELGL award winners already busy changing the face of local government. Read more about the #ELGLMeagle here, and keep an eye out for the best place to work in local government.

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