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The Relativity of Innovation, Mind Over Matter

What I’m reading: Chuck Marohn’s new “Strong Towns-A bottom-up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity.” What I’m listening to: Go Cultivate’s latest podcast “Are we doing this right- Tiny Homes Edition.” What I’m watching: I haven’t watched TV in almost two years, but I am currently people-watching in Chattanooga, TN at the International Placemaking Week Conference … Continued

A Tale of Three Open Government Cities

Source: Adapted from Open Data’s Impact Repository – Transparency and open governance have rapidly become the new ‘baseline criteria’ for best practices in our current tech-centered economy. Across the country, residents are increasingly reliant upon (and expectant of!)  accessible and easy-to-understand sources of information about their community. And these expectations of ‘open governance’ are … Continued

Webinar: Making Creative Resident Engagement “Business as Usual”

Register for this event! September 18, 2019 10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 ET Trust in government (and indeed in all institutions) is at an all time low, indifference toward local government is at an all time high, and the challenges facing communities are more complex than ever. In this context, finding authentic, inclusive and effective ways to … Continued

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