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Re-imagining the California DMV website

This guest blog is by ELGL member Luke Fretwell. I recently visited my local California Department of Motor Vehicles field office to renew my driver license and, because I scheduled an appointment ahead of time, my experience wasn’t the nightmare it’s traditionally made out to be. However, the designer in me couldn’t help but think about … Continued

Share Your Asset Management Trends & Challenges

This guest blog is by ELGL members at Cartegraph: Have 60 seconds to spare? Great! Please take a moment to complete this survey on the asset management trends and challenges facing your local government. We’re exited to turn these challenges directly into helpful resources to help you address and overcome them. Take the survey!

Love Surveys? Great, Read This!

Bang the Table’s Engagement Manager, Megan Ruble teaches us how to use surveys more effectively. When I ask potential clients of Bang the Table what their current community engagement strategy is, the typical response is “Oh, we do surveys all the time!” to which I respond “Great! What else?” Sometimes they will follow up and say … Continued

Bridget Kozlowski Appointed to ELGL Board of Directors

The ELGL Board of Directors appointed Bridget Kozlowski to the ELGL Board of Directors, to a term ending June 30, 2020. “It is so exciting to add Bridget to our Board of Directors. She embodies what ELGL is all about! From writing for the website on topics like parental leave and communications to organizing the … Continued

Potential Title Change? Consider “Keeper of Fire”

This post originally appeared on David Sewell McCann’s LinkedIn account and is reprinted with permission. David is an ELGL member and was the keynote speaker at #ELGL18 in Golden, Colorado.  Breakfast in the Colorado Room. I sit at a round white-clothed table with the City Manager, Assistant City Manager and two senior analysts from Brighton, … Continued

#ELGLBookClub Explanation

ELGL is hosting an #ELGLBookClub on March 5 at noon EST. Here’s all the information about how you can participate! I want to participate! What should I do? Buy the book. Read the book. Listen to the GovLove episode with Andrew. Stay tuned for a blog post with draft questions for the discussion. Log on … Continued

Job Posting – City of College Station, TX

Are you seeking an opportunity to contribute to projects that make a lasting impact on a community?  Do you relish watching projects come to fruition?  Do you enjoy being a part of a collaborative team?  If so, please consider this opportunity to join the City of College Station as an Engineer or Graduate Engineer!  We … Continued


This post is by ELGL Executive Director Kirsten Wyatt. ProudCity wrote this post about dogfooding and it inspired me to write an ELGL post about the topic. Here’s a definition if you need it: “Eating your own dog food, also called dogfooding, occurs when an organization uses its own product. This can be a way … Continued

Build Your Team; Get Out of the Way

This guest blog is by ELGL member Chris Floore. My proudest professional moment of the past year and a half wasn’t two successful hurricane response communication campaigns (we’re in Middle Georgia; this is not a weather event we expect) …it wasn’t increasing our communication reach by thousands of people…it wasn’t overcoming challenge after challenge in … Continued

Innovation Needs Candor, But Don’t Forget to be Caring

This guest blog is by ELGL member Mike Skibbe, the Deputy Director of Public Works at the 2018 Clarity Award Winning Village of Buffalo Grove. Connect on LinkedIn at  or send an email to connect! At Buffalo Grove, we promote a culture of innovation.  One of the “Hard Truths” about innovative cultures, as Gary Pisano wrote … Continued

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