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Fourteen Evidence-Based Tips to Make Effective Instructional Videos

Video is the most popular way to train learners. Back in the 1990s, it took much work to create a good instructional video. Today, it’s easy to make a video from your smartphone or through PowerPoint’s recording function. Video is so easy to create that trainers turn on the recorder and start talking. We have … Continued

Survey: Creating a Practitioner-Focused Public Finance Research Agenda

One of the ongoing concerns about research in public budgeting and finance, and public administration in general, is that the research conducted by academics does not meet the needs of practitioners. A research team led out of NC State University is working to establish a research agenda for the field of public budgeting and finance … Continued

Silo Busting & Sustainability

What influences how well city units and departments work collaboratively “across silos” towards a single overarching goal, even though that goal is not a core responsibility of most of the units involved? Researchers from University of Central Florida, George Mason University, and the University of Kansas are working on a project which aims to understand … Continued

The Federalism Partnership That Is No More

There was a time when state and local governments could work out deals with Washington. But as the pandemic struggle illustrates, the glory days of big intergovernmental initiatives have ebbed away. Amid the unseemly brawl about continuing unemployment benefits for those whose lives have been upended by COVID-19, an unsettling truth has emerged: State and … Continued

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