#ELGLHaverford Winners: 21-25

Posted on November 11, 2019

21-25 haverford

It’s time to celebrate the top companies and vendors working with local government!

The ELGL Haverford Award celebrates the top companies that work with local government. We often say “we’re all in this together” and that mindset shapes the way we work with the people who work in the private sector. We don’t differentiate between our members who work for local government, from people who work with local government.

We received a lot of nominations from ELGL members who wanted to tell their stories about why they thought these companies deserve ELGL recognition. Click through and read about each company – today, or when your local government is looking for new relationships and partnerships.

Today, we’re celebrating the companies ranked 21-25 on the 2019 #ELGLHaverford list:

Management partners#21 – Management Partners

ELGL members say:Management Partners is seemingly up to any challenge involving leadership, collaboration or management. Even when a project or goal isn’t fully realized on tangible, Management Partners staff helps to facilitate dialogue, create conversation, and collectively guide the group towards the best possible outcome for the organization.” 

Mcgohan brabender logo

#22 – McGohan Brabender

ELGL members say:Have worked with McGohan Brabender (MB) for many years, with two different cities and, in both cases, with tremendous results.  They have not only helped with our overall insurance rates (e.g., 3 negative increases in a row recently), but also with resolving or helping with individual employee issues with health care, even doing so after business hours in cases of emergencies.”


#23 – Qualtrics

ELGL members say:I can see at a glance what our data tells us. We can track how public works is performing, both what’s getting done and how our residents are feeling about their experiences with the company.”

okeefe pr

#24 – Xavier Leadership Center/O’Keefe PR

ELGL members say:We appreciate the can-do attitude of the company. They are consistently cheerful and optimistic, with no problem going unresolved. They are open and responsive to new issues and ideas. Suggestions from our staff are always welcome and enthusiastically bounced around the table. The resulting synergy inspires inventive ways of looking at what we are discussing.”


#25 – GovLaunch

ELGL members say:GovLaunch has been there in a support role and to answer any questions I may have about the platform. They share updates about what other governments are working on too. It’s in a formal vendor-client relationship. They really see their role as a knowledge base and connector.”

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