GovComms Speaker Profile: Amanda Nagl

Posted on November 5, 2020

amanda nagl

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amanda nagl

Amanda Nagl


Current Job Title: Founder and Principal

Current Organization: Unlocking Government

True or false: communications is one of the most essential parts of my local government job. How? Why?

  • Communications is the foundation for everything else, so yes. Great community engagement starts, but does not stop, with great communications!

GovComms is taking place worldwide. Where’s the best place in the world you’ve ever vacationed to?

  • Costa Rica

Chocolate or wine: if you had to give up one and keep the other, what would you choose?

  • Bye-bye, chocolate

What’s the most underrated but essential skill that you use everyday in a local government job?

  • Active listening and then making connections based on what you hear…all day long.

Who is your celebrity enemy (the celebrity that annoys you the most)?

  • Jojo Siwa. She really is my 11 year old daughter’s enemy but I have to hear about her so much that it annoys me.

What didn’t we ask you, but should have? What’s the answer?

  • I imagine a 2021 where we are all committed to finding out how we are similar instead of highlighting how we are different. Values, hopes, dreams, and fears–there is a lot of possibility when we realize how similar those really are–they are what motivate every single one of us.
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