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2020 Innovation Cohort

ELGL and UrbanLeap have partnered to announce the 2020 Innovation Cohorts Program, which brings together innovators from cities, counties, and towns across the country to utilize UrbanLeap’s innovation management platform to facilitate collaborative innovation projects.

The Innovation Cohort is your opportunity to tap into the collective energy and intelligence of the ELGL network with the assistance of the UrbanLeap experience. You’ll work with your across-the-country Innovation Cohort to learn about new solutions, test them and learn from the experiences, and then figure out how to put those solutions into action in your community.Along the way, we’ve built out a support network founded in camaraderie, public service, good intentions, and best practices.

Together, the group will identify a common local government issue to address, discover potential solutions, select a subset to pilot, and then share results, learnings and best practices garnered from the development, implementation and evaluation of these pilot programs.

The first 2020 Innovation Cohort focuses on Economic & Community Development and begins in January 2020. The year-long program is available to local governments in any state of any size!

You can start the application process now by scheduling an intake meeting with members of the ELGL-UrbanLeap team. Click here to get started with a 30-minute call to discuss your ideas, goals, and needs. Then, fill out the application form to become part of the initial round of applicants, so we can work to see if the program will be a good fit for your city, town, or county.

For more information, take a look at the Program Information Overview to gain more insight into the cohort experience.

Innovation Cohort Webinar

2019 Cohort

These cohort members will present their findings at the #ELGL20 Annual Conference in Portland, OR, on May 13-15, 2020.

A huge thank you to the partners and volunteers whose knowledge, experience, and willingness to share their time and resources have made this happen. We couldn't have done it without you amazing ELGL members:

Josh Edwards & the whole i-Team (City of Durham, NC), Steve Pleasant (City of Hillsboro, OR), Brent Stockwell (City of Scottsdale, AZ), Ashley Trim (Davenport Institute at Pepperdine University), Judi Brown (CivicMakers), Eric Keck (ResourceX), Laura Chandler (ClearPoint), and all the attendees at the #ELGL19 Innovation Summit!

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