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GovLove Features Kent Wyatt, ELGL Co-Founder

Our good friends at GovLove (part of SeeClickFix) have launched a government focused podcast. Special thanks to Ryan Mannion and Caroline Smith for being so easy to work with and for being committed to changing the stagnant culture of local government. Take a listen to Episode #1 with Kent Wyatt, City of Tigard and ELGL … Continued

Podcast: Alternative 911 Responses with Gabriela Solis, Harvard Kennedy School Government Performance Lab

Gabriela Solis  Project Leader Harvard Kennedy School Government Performance Lab LinkedIn A New 911. Gabriela Solis, a Project Leader for the Harvard Kennedy School Government Performance Lab, joined the podcast to talk about alternative 911 responses. She shared the work of the Government Performance Lab, the current initiative surrounding alternative 911 responses, and some case … Continued

Podcast: Human Centered Design in Chicago Public Schools

Adrian Segura Chief Officer, Family and Community Engagement Chicago Public Schools LinkedIn Kathleen Carlson Special Projects Bloomberg Philanthropies LinkedIn Laura Biltz Design Consultant and Manager Conic LinkedIn Ruben Ocampo Founder Conic LinkedIn Putting people first. Four guests joined the podcast to talk about human centered design in Chicago Public Schools. They discussed the CPS community … Continued

Podcast: Humans of Public Service with Brian Whittaker

Brian Whittaker  Founder Humans of Public Service LinkedIn | Instagram Stories of Public Servants. Brian Whittaker, Founder of Humans of Public Service and the Chief Innovation Officer for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, joined the podcast to talk about Humans of Public Service, which shares the stories of public servants that reflect the diversity in … Continued

Remembering John Allore

This post is by ELGL co-founder Kirsten Wyatt. We mourn the death and celebrate the life of John Allore, a longtime friend of ELGL. Starting and building ELGL required people to take a chance on the organization. As you might guess, it is fairly uncommon for a small group of people to decide to create … Continued

Podcast: Hiring a 21st Century Workforce with Alex Lawrence, Boston, MA

Alex Lawrence Chief People Officer City of Boston, MA Twitter | LinkedIn Human-centered local government. Alex Lawrence, Chief People Officer for the City of Boston, Massachusetts, joined the podcast to talk about hiring a 21st-century workforce. She discussed new recruitment strategies, managing change, updating personnel policies, and innovative benefits. Host: Kirsten Wyatt Subscribe: Learn More Alex … Continued

Podcast: Digital Innovation with Sara Hall, Philadelphia, PA

Sara Hall Director of Digital Services City of Philadelphia, PA Website | Twitter |LinkedIn Phila Dot Gov. Sara Hall, Director of Digital Services with the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, joined the podcast to talk about digital innovation. She discussed the work of the Digital Services team she leads, improving the City’s website, and best practices for managing change. … Continued

Podcast: Integrating Data with Justin Elszasz, Baltimore, MD

Justin Elszasz Chief Data Officer City of Baltimore, MD Twitter | LinkedIn Incorporating data into local government. Justin Elszasz, Chief Data Officer with the City of Baltimore, Maryland, joined the podcast to talk about integrating data into local government. He shared the role of the digital services team, how the team work with other departments, … Continued

Podcast: Hack Your Bureaucracy with Marina Nitze

Marina Nitze Author Website | Twitter | LinkedIn Ask simple questions. Marina Nitze, co-author of Hack Your Bureaucracy and Fellow at New America, joined the podcast to talk about the book and getting things done in government. She shared strategies people at any level of an organization can use to have an impact. She discussed her … Continued

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