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Yes, Social Justice is Still a Thing! Talks with Ambassador Andrew Young

  Today’s Morning Buzz is by Kelli Bennett. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn. What I’m reading: Across That Bridge: A Vision for Change and the Future of America by John Lewis What I’m watching: Just wrapped up the final season of Greenleaf What I’m listening to: Snoh Alegra Essentials (Apple Music), Maverick City … Continued

“Never Waste a Good Crisis”

How Human Resources, Networking and Training are Changing During These Turbulent Times Today’s Buzz is by Greg Stopka (Twitter and LinkedIn) What I’m Watching: The Umbrella Academy: Season 2 What I am Listening to: Rock Lullaby mix on Pandora (to help my new son sleep) What I’m Reading: Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting … Continued

What’s in a Name?

Right Now with Nick Smith (Linkedin/Twitter) What I’m watching: Trigger Warning with Killer Mike  What I’m listening to: Run The Jewels — RTJ4 If you’re interested in becoming a better anti-racist, Killer Mike is a great, outside-the-box (read: hilarious and NSFW) resource. If you’re not … now might be a good time to stop reading. Let’s start at … Continued

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