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Podcast: Good Governance & Leadership with Ian McCormack

Ian McCormack Author & President Strategic Steps, Inc. LinkedIn | Twitter Local governance done well. Ian McCormack, the President of Strategic Steps, Inc. a local government consulting firm, joined the podcast to talk about his new book Who’s Driving the Grader? He discussed what led to the writing of the book and who he wrote … Continued

Podcast: City Council Chronicles & Tear It Down with Michael Karlik

  Michael Karlik Podcaster and Writer City Council Chronicles & Tear It Down Twitter The genius behind City Council Chronicles, Michael Karlik, is back with a new podcast. Tear It Down tells the story of North College Hill, Ohio and a “small group of outsiders wanted to change their city for the better.” Michael shares … Continued

Podcast: Running for the Future with Aaron Rouse, Virginia Beach Councilor

Aaron Rouse City Council Candidate Virginia Beach, VA Facebook Update: Aaron Rouse Reflects On Election Victory From the NFL to the campaign trail. Aaron Rouse, former Green Bay Packer, is running for City Council in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He talked about why he’s running for office, how local government needs to change to be more … Continued

The Rest of the Story on Best City Council Commercial Ever

The Best City Council Television Ad In Existence While viewing the video was funny and reading the commentary was interesting, ELGL felt it was our “life calling” to track down the creator of the video and tell him he is the greatest, most creative, innovative, smartest person ever. Then we also decided to run a few questions … Continued

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