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Lightning Round with Katie Mangle, City of Wilsonville

Katie Mangle, City of Wilsonville, Long Range Planning Manager Name three of your mentors: Kim Knox, who I worked with at TriMet many years ago (she is now a project manager with Shiels Obletz Johnson). She modeled a graceful balance of tough professionalism with the importance of having a sense of humor and nurturing relationships. … Continued

Josh’s Job Search Finds Teri Bankhead, City of Milwaukie

As part of ELGL’s expanded offerings, we introduce you to our newest feature, “Josh’s Job Search (JJS).” See related article: New Blog Feature: Josh’s Job Search. Josh will be conducting informational interviews with key figures in the region. Read his first entry at Josh’s Job Search Interviews Olivia Clark, TriMet An Informational Interview with Teri Bankhead City of Milwaukee Assistant to … Continued

The Lightning Round with Teri Bankhead

Teri Bankhead City of Milwaukie Assistant to the City Manager What book is on your nightstand?  The Alchemist If you were to run for elected office, which position would seek?  Secretary of State Your best piece of career advice. Keep your options open and don’t feel that you have to stay in one specific job … Continued

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