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Podcast: Community Resilience & Climate Response with Jennifer Jurado, Broward County, FL

Jennifer Jurado  Chief Resilience Officer Broward County, Florida Bio | LinkedIn Sharing resources and expertise. Jennifer Jurado, Chief Resilience Officer for Broward County, Florida, joined the podcast to talk about resiliency and climate response. She talked about resiliency and climate response plans as well as the County’s resilience and environmental dashboards. She also discussed the … Continued

Podcast: Regional Climate Action Plans with Lindsey Constance and Mike Kelly

 Lindsey Constance Councilmember City of Shawnee, KS LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook Mike Kelly Mayor City of Roeland Park, KS LinkedIn | Twitter Climate action from the heart of America. Lindsey Constance, Councilmember in Shawnee, KS, and Mike Kelley, Mayor of Roeland Park, KS, joined the podcast to talk about Climate Action KC. They shared the origin story and how … Continued

On Democracy: 20 Lessons from the 20th Century

Today’s Buzz is brought to you by Sarah E. O’Brien | Community Whisperer @ Collaborative Development Collective (Facebook, LinkedIn) What I am reading? On Tyranny: 20 Lessons from the 20th Century by Timothy Snyder What I am listening to on repeat? Civics 101 Podcast Episode, Founding Documents: The Constitution Favorite Quote of the Moment? “To … Continued

Podcast: Data Collaboration & Responsible Use with Natalie Evans Harris, BrightHive

Natalie Evans Harris Co-Founder & Head of Strategic Initiatives BrightHive Bio | LinkedIn | Twitter Increasing impact through data. Natalie Evans Harris, the Co-Founder and Head of Strategic Initiatives at BrightHive, joined the podcast to talk about using data to improve local government’s response to COVID-19. She shared how BrightHive is partnering with public sector … Continued

Podcast: US Digital Response and COVID-19 with Raylene Yung

Raylene Yung Co-Founder & CEO US Digital Response LinkedIn | Twitter Support for crisis response. Raylene Yung, the Co-Founder and CEO of US Digital Response, joined the podcast to talk about how they are connecting technologists to work with governments in responding to the COVID-19 crisis. These volunteers with experience in software and technology help … Continued

Top 20 Reasons To Be Inspired i̶n̶ ̶2̶0̶2̶0̶ during COVID-19

The Buzz w/ Sarah O’Brien, Community Whisperer Book I cannot put down: Daring Greatly  (Yes I am out of order) What I can’t stop playing over and over again: See Inspiring Reason #20 What I am working on: A slide deck for an upcoming presentation: Embracing Uncertainty, Action & Understanding Amidst the Chaos I can’t … Continued

20 Reasons To Be Inspired in 2020

The Buzz w/ Sarah O’Brien, Change Agent Book I can’t put down: Just Enough Anxiety, The Hidden Driver of Business Success by Robert H. Rosen Book I just can’t get into but won’t remove from the nightstand: Neighborhood,  by Emily Tallen What I can’t stop playing over and over again: The TED Interview: Yuval Noah … Continued

Just Because the Captain’s Hands Are on the Steering Wheel

Today’s Buzz is by Christian M. Williams @MyPublicTweeter This past week I was reminded how much I appreciate the power of collaboration. That combined with empathy can make a world of difference. At the city of Goodyear, we have dry-runs for Council presentations that might be out of the ordinary or potentially controversial. I have … Continued

Podcast: Tackling Blight & Innovation in Mobile with Terrance Smith

Terrance Smith Director of Mayor’s Innovation Team Mobile, AL LinkedIn | Twitter Solving problems. Terrance Smith, the Director of the Innovation Team in the City of Mobile, Alabama, joined the podcast to talk about innovation, working with departments and taking on blight. Terrance shared the process the i-Team went through to get a handle on … Continued

Why Collaboration is Key to Building Excellence

Today’s Morning Buzz is by Morning Buzzer Anna Marum – connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter! What I’m watching: Parts Unknown (It’s as much about economic development as it is about food. RIP Tony.) What I’m listening to: Chvrches What I’m reading: Vanity Fair Happy Economic Development Week! In honor of the week, we’re … Continued

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