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The Census is Coming! Have you Started your CCC?

By: Christian M. Williams @mypublictweeter The 2020 Decennial Census is right around the corner! April 1 will mark the one-year countdown before residents are asked to submit this very important information. As part of these efforts, many municipalities and governments across the country have formed Complete Count Committees (CCC). These committees educate, engage with and motivate … Continued

Reflecting on #NDOSC

By: Christian M. Williams @mypublictweeter If you had asked me back in November how successful #NDOSC (National Day of Supper Clubbing) would be, I would have struggled to find an answer.    One week ago, on February 6, 400+ people from 30+ cities across the nation met up simultaneously to discuss local government #localgov. Volunteers … Continued

New Year, New You: Goals for 2019! #ELGLResolutions

It’s January 1! In this post, I look forward to a new year filled with opportunities and excitement. The biggest question, I am sure many of you have been asked today is, what is your New Year’s Resolution?!?! For me, a few come to mind: When I have to write a date, I have a … Continued

ELGL & The Remaining 33%

While working on a paper for grad school, I came across an interesting statistic. According to a 2018 Pew Research Center poll, “two-thirds of those surveyed (67%) have a favorable opinion of their local government, compared with 35% for the federal government. In addition, nearly three-quarters (73%) say the quality of candidates running for local … Continued

#ELGLThankful: How Lucky You Are

Fellow Board Member Stacy Schweikhart started the #ELGLThankful hashtag. She has posted thirty days’ worth of gratitude on behalf of ELGL. The campaign led me to ask myself, “what am I most thankful to have experienced related to ELGL?” For me,  it is the amazing people I have met and our experiences at the ICMA … Continued

Politics, Why would any decent person want to run?

Submitted by: Christian M. Williams   With the elections only two weeks away, I caught myself asking, “How could anyone have the courage to run for office?” I used to, somewhat jokingly say, “I want to be the Mayor one day.” Today more than ever, this childhood fantasy quest has made me increasingly ask, “Would … Continued

#LocalGov Wellness Story from Somerset County, NJ

Submitted by: Denise A. Katula, CPM, Manager of Leadership & Talent Development, County of Somerset, New Jersey Ok. I’m just going to put it out there.  I celebrated my 50th birthday this year.  I spent a fair amount of time looking back as well as forward and I became aware that I wasn’t focusing on my own … Continued

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