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The Customer is Always Right…

This Morning Buzz is by Christian Williams, a Planner with the City of Goodyear, AZ and an ELGL Board of Directors member! Planner of the Week My city has what is called a “Planner of the Week” (POW); my three colleagues and I rotate through being the POW (for a weeklong period). During this weeklong … Continued

Awesome Power of Customer Service (And Yes, Residents Are Customers)

Today’s Buzz is by Jenny Kosek, Communications Strategist at City of West Allis. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.  What I’m Watching: The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell (again) What I’m Reading: The Institute, Stephen King What I’m Listening To: Sawbones podcast, Dr. Sydnee McElroy & Justin McElroy First, I’m here to blow up … Continued

Podcast: Rethinking the Library with Stephanie Chase & Hillary Ostlund

Stephanie Chase Library Director Hillsboro, OR LinkedIn | Twitter Hillary Ostlund Library Manager: Cultivate Hillsboro, OR LinkedIn | Twitter Leading (r)evolution in public libraries. Stephanie Chase, Library Director, and Hillary Ostlund, Library Manager, from the Hillsboro, Oregon public library joined the podcast. They talked about how they are adapting their expectations of employees and the … Continued

Personality of the Guest

Jennifer Jones, Village of Oak Park (IL) Parking Permits Supervisor, authors a new series on customer service in local government. She brings ten years of experience in local government and a wealth of ideas for promoting customer service in all levels of the organization. The Personality of the Guest Jennifer Jones, Village of Oak Park … Continued

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