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Knope of the Week: Sam Taylor, City of Morro Bay, CA

“One of my favorite examples of showing gratitude is done by a group who awards the Knope of the Week,” said Jefferson Smith during a 2014 Ted Talk. Kirsten WyattI’m the co-founder and executive director of ELGL. I love my job. Other things I love: local government, my family, my dog Michael Jordan, sandwiches, naps, books, … Continued

Relive the GovFresh Webinar

Big thanks to Sam Taylor of Ferndale, WA and Luke Fretwell of GovFresh for participating in our innovation webinar series. If you didn’t have a chance to tune in and watch the webinar live don’t worry we have it archived below!     #ELGLInnovation Sam and Luke gave a great presentation that gave us the scoop on … Continued

Innovation Series: GovFresh & Government Websites

Coming on November 4th we have a webinar all about local government websites. GovFresh a company founded to encourage public service innovation and civic entrepreneurs will be talking about GovPress a custom built WordPress website format for government. Check out the details and register below. Register for the GovFresh Webinar on Nov. 4 How are … Continued

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