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Podcast: The Start-Up City with Gabe Klein & Leah Treat

  More important than the Saved By the Bell reunion, Kent Wyatt reunites good friends and former co-workers Gabe Klein and Leah Treat on the GovLove podcast. We learn how their careers intersected to bring transportation wins to Chicago and DC. The duo discusses accomplishments (Divvy, Vision Zero), The Start-Up City and Mayor Emanuel’s leadership style. … Continued

#ELGLBookClub Begins: The Start-Up City by Gabe Klein

The Start-Up City Is Coming to GovLove Q1: Gabe navigated government bureaucracy to launch his food truck business. In your opinion, is local government the hindrance to disruptive economy? Q2: Leah Treat lists Gabe as a mentor. Who is your mentor? Describe them in four words. Q3: Potholepalooza was a creative marketing approach used in … Continued

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