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If I Can Do It, You Can Too: Going Back to School & Working Full Time

Morning Buzz by Christian M. Williams @MyPublicTweeter Since ELGL has a diverse membership with different career and academic goals, I thought I would share a little about my journey to finish graduate school while working. Some of you have met your academic goals and some of you are pondering what’s next. For those of you … Continued

Classes are Coming: My Mid-Life MPA

By Chris Keefer, Finance/HR Director, Town of Blythewood, SC, LinkedIn Local government administration is my second career. I devoted the first 30 years of my work life to producing technical, corporate, and marketing communications—half the time as someone’s employee, half as my own boss. As my one and only child left for college, I realized that … Continued

Classes are Coming: A Professor’s Perspective

By Dr. Benjamin Clark (LinkedIn and Twitter) Network: Do it with your classmates. Do it with alumni. Do it with faculty. Do it with staff. Get to know anyone and everyone you can. I hated it as a student. Our career service office kept on us about it all the time. I thought getting a job was … Continued

Classes are Coming: The Long and Slow Path

By Susan Barkman, LinkedIn and Twitter  First off, I must acknowledge that I was lucky my supervisor and co-workers were incredibly supportive of my pursuit of a Master’s in Public Administration… even after four years.  I took four years, because I was in a tuition benefit program and did not want to take out more student loans. … Continued

Classes are Coming: Five Memes to Get You Through Grad School

  By Hannah Lebovits (ELGL Profile, LinkedIn and Twitter) With the fall semester coming up, I took some time to reflect on my grad school experience as an MPA graduate and current PhD student. I am definitely not a grad school pro but with two little kids, various community projects and a city council run, I’ve learned a thing … Continued

Classes are Coming: How to Spend Your Last Summer Before Graduate School

  Some of our members are getting ready to begin graduate school and we want you to help them prepare. We want you to share your experience whether you graduated with a MBA, MPA, MPP, etc. or whether you attended online, in-person, full-time, part-time or weekends only. Sign up as a guest columnist. By Brian Bickers … Continued

PSU Executive MPA Information Sessions

Portland State is beginning its recruitment efforts for the Fall 2014 EMPA class. They have a number of informational sessions coming up and we want to spread the word.     What is an EMPA? Good question, it’s an “Executive Masters in Public Administration” designed for individuals already working in the public sector who have … Continued

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