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2016 #ELGLHaverford Award Winners

AUGUST 24, 2016 BY ELGL Link: ELGL Choice Award Twitter List In the Headlines NEXTREQUEST, ELGL CHOICE AWARD WINNER ELGL Choice Awards: Top 50 Local Government Companies KnowledgeOwl wins ELGL Choice Award for Top 50 Local Government Companies CPBB Makes ELGL Choice Awards: Top 50 Local Government Companies Top 10 ELGL Choice Award Winner Continues to Deliver Insights … Continued

Call for Nominations: 2018 Tom Haverford Award

JULY 7, 2018 BY KENT WYATT After being featured on the Civic Tech Chat podcast, ELGL Connects: The Local Government Resource Directorygrew to more than 270 listings and 100+ reviews. ELGL members are using the directory to make better informed decisions in selecting a vendor. Each previous winner of the Tom Haverford Award is listed in ELGL Connects. With that, … Continued

Nominations for the 2017 ELGL Haverford Award

FEBRUARY 15, 2017 BY ELGL Update! Award winners will be announced at #ELGL17 on May 12 in Detroit. The impact of the 2016 ELGL Choice Award remains — ELGL members are making more informed decisions in selecting vendors and Choice Award winners are gaining new clients. For 2017, you’ll notice a major change to the award. Due to his unmatched entrepreneurial … Continued

#ELGLHaverford 2017 Award Winners

Welcome to the 2017 Tom Haverford Choice Award! The Haverford award honors the best companies (private sector, non-profits, or other) working with local governments. Here are the nominees. Here are last year’s winners. The ELGL Evaluation Team used three criteria in selecting and ranking the top 50 companies: number of nominations received by each company (50%), comments submitted on … Continued

Nominees for the 2018 Haverford Choice Award

        List of Nominees Accela designs and delivers productivity and engagement software to help government agencies be their best. Affion Public is a a strategic consulting and advisory services firm focused on providing technology and executive search services for state and local government, education and non-profit organizations. Alliance Resource Consulting carries a reputation of providing service … Continued

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