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Podcast: Public Participation & Engagement with Kit Cole, IAP2 Board Member

Kit Cole Engagement Consultant Board Member, IAP2 Bio | LinkedIn | Twitter Getting outcomes from engagement. Kit Cole is a public engagement consultant and a board member of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2). She discusses the value and types of engagement, plus the importance of engagement in local government. Kit also compares the approaches … Continued

Building a Big Tent for Democracy

Help build a big tent for a 21st century democracy By Lawrence Grodeska, CivicMakers – Blog, LinkedIn and Twitter Do you see it? Technology is finally starting to deliver on its potential to transform our political institutions. From civic engagement platforms like Nextdoor and Neighborland, to the spread of participatory budgeting programs from New York City … Continued

Engaged: Talking Public Involvement with Marissa Grass

Hi, I’m Marissa Grass and I’m passionate about service and community. At work I am a planner and public involvement nerd, but both are by accident (or fate?). In my free time I enjoy long walks on the beach with my new husband and yellow lab. I also love finding new restaurants, friends, volunteer opportunities, … Continued

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