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How to Succeed in Local Government

By Julie Underwood When you’re just starting out in your career, it’s natural to want to figure out how best to progress and get ahead. For this article, I reached out to several colleagues, who are city managers, deputy or assistant city managers, working in communities across the country, who shared their strategies for impressing … Continued

Part II: Future of Local Government – 6 Critical Skills to Strengthen

Reigning Knope of the Week Julie Underwood is back with part two of the two-part article on “Forecasting the Future of Local Government.”  Julie is currently in transition due to spouse’s job relocation to Silicon Valley, CA. Julie was appointed Shoreline City Manager February 2011 and served until October 2013. Forecasting the Future of Local Government: 6 … Continued

Forecasting the Future of Local Government: 4 Observations Impacting Our Future

From the inspirational words of Robert Kennedy in the 1960s to the interesting words of Robin Thicke in 2013, Julie Underwood, former Shoreline (WA) city manager, includes it all in part one of this two-part series on “Forecasting the Future of Local Government.” Forecasting the Future of Local Government:4 Observations Impacting Our Future This is … Continued

#WorkLifeBalance: The Ongoing Struggle to Keep It a Top Priority

Life-Work Balance: The Ongoing Struggle to Keep It a Top Priority To kick-start our Twittersation on #WorkLifeBalance this Friday December, 20th at 10:00 am (PST) Julie Underwood is back with another column.  Her previous column for ELGL on her last 60 days in office as the City Manager of Shoreline, Washington was one of our more popular postings and … Continued

My Last 60 Days with Julie Underwood, Former Shoreline (WA) City Manager

Julie Underwood (LinkedIn and Twitter) is the assistant city manager in Daly City, CA. Previously, Julie served as the Shoreline, WA city manager. By Julie Underwood Personal circumstances led me to close a significant professional chapter in my life as my husband accepted a position at Google in Silicon Valley.  I came to the City of Shoreline, Washington 11 … Continued

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