Tag: Michelle Crandall

I Have to Ask: Finding the Right Candidate

In this series, a guest columnist responds to a question from ELGL co-founder Kent Wyatt. This week, Michelle Crandall, Assistant City Manager, City of Dublin, Ohio, writes about the job recruitment process. So what is the magic recipe for hiring the right candidates?  While my success rate isn’t 100%, I’ve learned a few key ingredients that … Continued

ELGL Expands Into O-HI-O

Lebron returns to Cleveland; Ohio State wins the national championship; ELGL expands into Ohio. What a busy year for the Buckeye State! In the coming weeks, we’ll develop an Ohio Advisory Board, build an ELGL Ohio Twitter presence, and continue outreach to potential new members. Stacy Schweikhart, City of Kettering, OH, will lead the efforts. You can get … Continued

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