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Podcast: Strategies for Affordable Housing with Jerrah Crowder and Namon Freeman

  Jerrah Crowder Manager, Office of Affordability and Sustainable Housing City of Newark, NJ Contact Namon Freeman Manager – Housing Affordability Bloomberg Associates Linkedin Building a foundation. Two guests joined the podcast to talk about strategies for affordable housing. Jerrah Crowder is a Manager for the Office of Affordability and Sustainable Housing for the City … Continued

Podcast: Monuments & Racial Justice in Newark, NJ

Fayemi Shakur Arts and Cultural Director City of Newark, New Jersey LinkedIn | Twitter | Bio David Andersson Consultant, Arts Team Bloomberg Associates LinkedIn | Twitter | Bio Tracey Knuckles Practice Lead, Arts & Culture Bloomberg Associates Bio | LinkedIn Public memory and public art. Three guests joined the podcast to talk about the process … Continued

Podcast: Reducing Evictions in Newark, NJ with Khabirah Myers

Khabirah Myers Coordinator, Office of Tenant Legal Services City of Newark, New Jersey Bio Equitable growth and reducing displacement. Khabirah Myers, the Coordinator for the Office of Tenant Legal Services, joined the podcast to talk about her work aiding renters in the City of Newark.The City created an Office where residents facing eviction can turn … Continued

Podcast: Food Waste & Government Consolidation with Mayor Liz Lempert, Princeton, NJ

Liz Lempert Mayor Princeton, NJ LinkedIn | Twitter From borough and township to municipality. Mayor Liz Lempert joined the podcast for a wide ranging interview on consolidating governments and providing compost service in Princeton, New Jersey. Mayor Lempert shared her path into elected office and winning the 2018 Mayors Challenge for their composting initiative. She … Continued

Podcast: A New Way of Doing Things in Jersey City with Brian Platt

Brian Platt Business Administrator (Chief Operating Officer) Jersey City, NJ LinkedIn¬†| Twitter Problem solving in government. Brian Platt the Business Administrator of Jersey City, New Jersey joined the podcast to talk about managing the day to day operations of the city, innovation in local government and being named a babe of Jersey City. Brian previously … Continued

The Roadmap to Excellence with Burlington County (NJ)

Our friends at Burlington County, New Jersey want to share a presentation they have put together that outlines how their organization has been able to become more efficient and effective, while being fiscally responsible. View or download the presentation below. Excellence has an address Burlington County faces the same challenge many other local governments face, … Continued

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