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Podcast: Recruiting Diverse & Talented Workforces in Georgia and Southern California

Greg Wilson Unit Manager, Workforce Development & Economic Analysis University of Georgia LinkedIn¬†| Bio Charles Goldman Senior Economist RAND Corporation LinkedIn¬†| Bio Attracting talent. Two guests joined the podcast to talk about two different partnerships to measure local government workforce needs and the methods for recruiting talented staff. Greg Wilson, Unit Manager at the University … Continued

Podcast: Developing Data-Driven Insights with Nathan Lee, CivicPulse

Nathan Lee Founder & Managing Director CivicPulse Bio | LinkedIn | Twitter Empowering local governments. Nathan Lee, the Founder and Managing Director of CivicPulse, joined the podcast to talk about their research and data analysis into local governments. He shared how he started CivicPulse and the partnership with ELGL on the Diversity Dashboard measuring the … Continued

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