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I Have to Ask: Silver Tsunami as a Recruitment Opportunity

In this series, guest columnists respond to one of three topics selected by ELGL co-founder Kent Wyatt. This week, Matt Hartleib, HR Manager and Director of Civil Service, City of La Porte, Texas, writes about the “silver tsunami” as a recruitment opportunity. Google “silver tsunami.” Better yet, stop by your organization’s HR offices and say … Continued

When the Job Market Goes Boom(er)

Findings from the ELGL Diversity Dashboard confirm what people have been talking about for (seemingly) ages: local government leadership is getting older. The most recent data upload shows that 65 percent of chief administrative officers (CAOs) and assistant CAOs (ACAOs) are age 50 and better. And 34 percent of CAOs and ACAOs are age 60 … Continued

The Silver Tsunami in the Rust Belt Equals Great Opportunity

What I am Listening to: The Briefing by Dr. Albert Mohler What I am Reading: Not God Enough by J.D. Greear What I am Watching: NCAA Tournament Basketball….sans the Tarheels ? The Silver Tsunami in the Rest Belt Equals Great Opportunity By Andy Kuhn, Executive Director of the Southeastern Ohio Port Authority In my former life, … Continued

Nominate Someone for the Institutional Knowledge Project

According to the Center for State & Local Government Excellence, 54% of governments reported an increase in retirements in the past year. That silver tsunami we’ve been warned about? It’s finally happening. ELGL is starting a new writing series to interview retiring or retired local government workers to capture their stories, in the interest of preserving … Continued

Civic Leaders: Silver Tsunami Comes Ashore

Civic Leaders Q2U is where we ask questions to you–the audience. Civic Leaders is an exclusive local government web-interview series hosted and operated by Springbrook Software, an Accela company, produced by the VOLSTA Media Network, and syndicated on ELGL. 

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