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President’s Blocking of Twitter Users Found Unconstitutional

This post is by ELGL member Julie Tappendorf. Reprinted with permission. Last summer, we reported on the federal lawsuit filed against President Trump by individuals who had been blocked from the President’s @realDonaldTrump Twitter account. You can read our post here. Last week, the federal district court issued a ruling in this case declaring that the blocking … Continued

Can Twitter be a Professional Development Tool?

In a time where we’re doing more with less, finding professional development opportunities is challenging. Budget constraints have made attending conferences and trainings difficult. However, even without attending an event, you can benefit from the knowledge being shared. A free Twitter account is a powerful professional development tool that keeps you connected to key conferences. Here are seven ways … Continued

Podcast: Social Media in Local Government, Lori Hall, West Linn, OR

Lori Hall Citizen Engagement Coordinator West Linn, OR LinkedIn | Twitter How can governments up their Twitter followers? Increase traffic to parks? Lori Hall, the Citizen Engagement Coordinator at the City of West Linn, breaks down her social media strategy. Keep Reading ‘People are really happy in West Linn’ Rest of the Story: The Portland Blotter … Continued

Podcast: Increasing Women in Leadership, Gender Equality in Local Government

  Bridget (Doyle) Kozlowski Community Relations Director Sterling Heights, MI LinkedIn | Twitter GovLove Co-Host Kirsten Wyatt and Bridget Kozlowski, Community Relations Director for Sterling Heights, MI, dive into the important issue of increasing the percentage of women in local government. These two women have been champions in leading the conversation on how to speed up … Continued

#EngagingWomen Twittersation – June 3

The Southeast Chapter of ELGL is headed to the UNC School of Government’s Engaging Women Conference, and we want to hear from you! Join us for a Twittersation on June 3 at 1:00 p.m. EST. We will be discussing what you want to know from speakers at the conference.

The Long Tail of Neighborhood Social Media

Perhaps you’re familiar with a concept called the Long Tail. It’s a statistical concept that has been applied to all sorts of real-world situations, from retail production to game design. It holds true in the world of social media platforms, too.

Devising a Strong Communications Plan

By: Bridget Doyle Kozlowski We answer to many bosses in local government, but at the core of it all, the taxpayers and community are the people we serve. The best way to gain support and aid in transparency is to share the reasoning and hard work behind municipal decision making with the public. As a government … Continued

Anatomy of a Tweetup

I’m a big proponent of taking social media interactions into the real world whenever possible. Being able to shake hands with someone who you only know as a Twitter handle, or raise a glass with your favorite Facebook fans goes a long way toward strengthening the sense of community around town. It’s even better when … Continued

Hashing Out Your Hashtag

Hashtags are everywhere these days: on billboards, TV shows, bumper stickers – and oh yeah, on social media posts. What started as a simple tool for filtering posts on Twitter has turned into a cultural phenomenon. Just look at the broad appeal of the recent #bringbackourgirls campaign on social media.

Part III: Inside the Twitter Race – State of the City Edition

Towards the end of 2013, Patrick Preston, Hillsboro public affairs manager, decided to issue a challenge to neighboring jurisdictions. They wanted to expand their social media presence and specifically focus on making their Twitter account more accessible and active. So they contacted other nearby cities and a competition was born.  The race was on to … Continued

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