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Part II: Inside the Twitter Race – The Snowmageddon Edition

What is the Great Oregon Twitter Race?  Towards the end of 2013, Patrick Preston, Hillsboro public affairs manager, decided to issue a challenge to neighboring jurisdictions. They wanted to expand their social media presence and specifically focus on making their Twitter account more accessible and active. So they contacted other nearby cities and a competition … Continued

Part I: Inside the Great Oregon Twitter Race

The Starting Line Social media is being used by more and more citizens, and local governments are playing catch-up as we try to figure out how to use Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms effectively.  ELGL has published a few articles on the subject and saw an opportunity to share lessons learned from the “Great Oregon Twitter Race.” In this … Continued

#StateOfTheCity: ELGL’s Next Twittersation

Are you currently working on your city’s State of the City address?  Looking for new ideas, fresh approaches, or creative themes? Then join our Twittersation* on Friday, January 17, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. PST; noon CT.  We’ll use the hashtag #StateOfTheCity, and share our experiences writing, listening to, and responding to municipal State of the … Continued

#ELGL13 Speakers on Twitter!

In order to make sure everyone who’s speaking is getting as much exposure as possible and so that ELGL members can reference conference speakers as they review them we’ve put together this handy list of twitter accounts or hastags to use tomorrow: Breakfast: Trending Topics in Local Government Law Jeremy James, Associate, Cosgrave Vergeer Kester: … Continued

#ELGL13 Twitter Team

  With only 120 spots at the conference, and an ELGL membership of more than 450 people in 18 states, you can imagine that there are many of our members who are disappointed they can’t attend the conference. So, we are beefing up our social media presence (even more than usual!) for the conference so … Continued

ELGL’s Twitter Becomes a Video

Twitter and Vizify recently partnered up to create a feature that Twitter is calling #FollowMe.  Essentially Vizify takes the information from your Twitter account and makes a video showing your top tweets, some of the pictures you’ve posted, and the other Twitter accounts that you interact with the most. The feature is used to promote … Continued

Kittelson’s Corner: Vizify – Synchronized Social Media

I Vizify Myself So after hearing about the Portland based start-up company Vizify, I set out to do some investigating in order to inform our ELGL readers about this new social media option and digital resume platform.  First, a little explanation about Vizify.  Vizify stands for Visualizing, Realizing, and Clarifying.  The goal of the organization is to … Continued

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