This Week: ELGL at #CfASummit

Posted on May 27, 2019

Code for America

Today’s Morning Buzz is by Kirsten Wyatt. Connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter!

I’m headed to Code for America’s Summit this week! It’s my first time attending this event and I’m really excited to experience it and share session takeaways and information with the ELGL network via our Twitter and social media channels.

In addition to the already-intriguing keynote sessions, a team of ELGL members will cover the breakout sessions so you can learn from more of them.

Sarah Henricks from the City of South San Francisco, CA and Zach Ratkai from the City of Pasco, WA and I will share information from the @CalELGL (Sarah), @NWELGL (Zach), and @ELGL50 (me) accounts. Please follow these accounts so you can stay in touch during the event:

ELGL members are invited to tweet at us about which sessions you’d like us to attend and report on for you.

There’s an obvious intersection between Code for America’s work and ELGL member interests and work. Here’s the welcome from event co-chairs Dan Hon and Cori Zarek:

Across America and around the world, teams in government are breaking down silos across departments and agencies and understanding and meeting people’s needs.

At the Summit, you’ll learn about what works: from putting in place quick and scrappy user research, to tips for leading digital transformation and modernization efforts; from proven methods to shift procurement to focus on outcomes, to quickly and effectively dealing with dockless scooters and delivering progressive transportation policy.

And because the Code for America Summit is serious about being honest and candid, you’ll learn about failures, too. We know that if we’re going to make progress and learn from experience, we need to talk about our mistakes.

I’ve had the opportunity of serving on the Content Committee for this year’s event as well. It’s been an interesting experience watching a conference come together with a lot of people with varying expertise and political engagements weighing in on a record-number of session submissions.

Through it all, Cori and Dan have shown leadership and empathy that I can only hope for ELGL to replicate for our events.

If you’re at Summit and you see Cori or Dan – please give them a huge “thank you” for their leadership.

One last reminder – ELGL is hosting a Supper Club on Thursday, May 30 in Oakland. You don’t have to attend Summit to attend the Supper Club, but an RSVP is appreciated so we can plan on your attendance. This is a great way to connect with local ELGL members and also #CfASummit attendees while we’re in town! Huge thanks to Greg Preece and Daniel Soto for coordinating this Supper Club.

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