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Posted on January 1, 2017

Dear ELGL members,

Happy new year! We’re starting the year off with a lot of great ELGL content and learning opportunities. All month long, in partnership with Governing Magazine and the Novak Consulting Group, we’re recognizing local government mentors as part of Local Government Mentor Month. If you haven’t signed up to write for Mentor Month yet, please do so. We’re running a series honoring our mentors, and also a series on how to be an effective mentor.

And, coming up later this week, ELGL is partnering on a CWLG Conference Call on how our language shapes perceptions of women in leadership.

Thank you,


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Bite Size Annual Reporting

Here are some more sections from the 2016 Annual ReportAward ProgramsGovLove PodcastELGL.org Bloggers & Site Traffic#ELGL16 Pop Up Conferences

Supper Clubs

The first two Supper Clubs are on the calendar for 2017. We’ll meet up in Redwood City, CA later this week, and then in Dallas later this month: Let’s Eat! A Texas-Sized Supper ClubSilicon Valley Supper Club

ELGL Resolutions

We’re taking your feedback on what ELGL should resolve to do in 2017. Share your ideas and we’ll put them into action: My New Year’s Resolution for ELGL Is…

M-Word Discussions

We had a lively discussion in our Facebook group about the recent Simon Sinek interview where he talked about his stereotypes of the millenial generation. I shared some thoughts here: Who Do You Want to Hire? An M-Word, or Brenda?, and we also heard from ELGL member Benjamin Clark: An M-Word Beat-Down

The always elusive ACM job

ACM jobs are hard to find. A lot of organizations don’t have the position, despite the fact that it’s a great way to build in succession planning for local government. Here’s a great ACM job in a small community in Oregon, working for a talented city manager: Job Posting: Mt. Angel, OR Assistant City Manager


Three new episodes to share – learn about Charlotte, other municipal podcasts, and the year in review from GovLove hosts: Podcast: Get to Know the Queen CityPodcast: A Bottomless Pit of Ideas – LocalGov PodcastingYear End Wrap UpThe GovLove Hosts Pick the Top 5 Episodes of 2016Podcast: The Year in Review with Kent, Kirsten & Ben

Guest Bloggers & New Member Profiles

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