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Orienting New Elected Officials

Today’s Morning Buzz is by Melissa Cantarero Weiss, Deputy City Administrator, for Wauwatosa, WI. Connect on LinkedIn and Twitter. What I’m Reading: The Flip Side What I’m Watching: Lord of the Rings – we are introducing the kids to this series What I’m Listening to: Brene Brown on various podcasts In Wauwatosa, we have 16 … Continued

The Concept of Live, Work, Play, & Invest

Today’s Morning Buzz is brought to you by Christopher Leonard, Administrative Supervisor for the City of Fort Lauderdale. You can connect with him via LinkedIn What I’m Listening To: “Meditation” on Apple Music. What I’m Watching: Normally not much into shows, but I just finished America’s Got Talent What I’m Reading: Crisis Intervention Research Live, work, … Continued

Elected Officials and Workplace Harassment

Beginning in January 2020, a new Oregon law goes into effect which requires public employers to note in their workplace anti-harassment policies that the policy applies to elected officials. The new law, SB 479, does not create a legal liability that was not already present. Although an elected official is not a traditional “employee,” even … Continued

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