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Is COVID the Killer of Innovation?

This article was written by Catherine Wright, Public Information Officer for the Town of Hillsborough, North Carolina as part of the Small Places, Big Ideas Innovation Cohort.  Is COVID-19 the killer of innovation? Not necessarily, but it certainly paused much of our efforts in exploring two engagement platforms as part of the inaugural Small Places, … Continued

Tompkins County, NY: Recycling & Materials Management Communications Project

This article was written by Tompkins County, NY staff, Amie Hendrix, Deputy County Administrator, and Nick Murphy, Management Fellow as part of the Small Places, Big Ideas Innovation Cohort.  What we learned Participating in the ELGL Innovation Cohort has been a learning experience for both of us. One of the first challenges that we encountered … Continued

Announcing More Local Gov Cohorts

What We’re Learning About Learning is a short blog series sharing what ELGL staff members are working on (and learning) from cohort-model learning programs that have been piloted or are being developed this year. Our staff is working with ELGL’s membership to discover what works, what doesn’t, what’s needed, and how we can best meet … Continued

2020 CED Innovation Cohort seeks proposals by May 13

Innovation Cohort seeks Economic & Community Development, Remote Governance Solutions by May 13 The 2020 Community & Economic Development Innovation Cohort is actively seeking pilot proposals in community and economic development solutions, as well as in remote provision of governance services and other emergency response solutions for COVID-19.  The Innovation Cohort, supported by ELGL & … Continued

What We’re Learning About Learning: Emily, March 2020

What I’m Reading: Jane Jacobs’ The Death and Life of Great American Cities (for #CityHallShelfie on March 19, y’all, don’t miss it!) What I’m Listening To: The Ghost of Paul Revere, lately. What I’m Stoked About: OMG y’all, I love my job at ELGL and it’s about to be spring. As in, NOT WINTER ANYMORE. … Continued

ELGL & UrbanLeap announce the 2020 Innovation Cohort Participants 

ELGL’s Innovation Cohort programs provide cities with the opportunity to tap into the collective energy and intelligence of the ELGL network with the assistance of the UrbanLeap platform. Members form a virtual, across-the-country Innovation Cohort to learn about new solutions, test them and learn from the experiences, and then figure out how to put those … Continued

Strategy & Performance Management Training

5 Solutions For Your Toughest Strategic Planning Pain Points The City of Germantown, TN, and ClearPoint Strategy collaborated to provide this strategy & performance management training to the Small Places, Big Ideas Innovation Cohort on January 28, 2020. We invited the City of Germantown, TN, to share their performance management journey with the group to … Continued

Big Innovators in Small Places

 This guest blog is reprinted with permission from ELGL member John Burgoyne. The unsung heroes of local government innovation When you hear the term ‘city innovation’ in government, what do you envision? Does a major skyline creep it’s way into your imagination, with tantalizing technologies and curious creatives dancing about? Do the New Yorks and … Continued

October Update – Membership & Programs!

What I’m Doing: Learning how to build integrations that make our lives easier with our new membership software. (I was feeling pretty dorky, but then Kirsten reminded me that I am with my people now, who love to geek out with me about this stuff. #nerd) What I’m Listening To: Wilco, because I FINALLY get … Continued

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