Category: The Rise of Digital Connection

The Use of “Storytelling” to Build Community

“Tell a new story. Not one about blacks or whites, but about us – together.” I recently attended an event coordinated by three sectors of local government (city, county and school board) and a local non-profit, entitled “Confronting Implicit Bias and Institutionalized Racism for a Better Community.” The room was filled to capacity with local elected … Continued

How Social Should Social Media Be?

Do you know what’s trending on social? Has your boss ever asked you to make something go viral? Ever wonder what will happen if you block that pesky troll? How much time should you be spending listening instead of posting? Are ‘stories’ really the way of the future? These are all normal questions for social … Continued

The Rise of Digital Connection

Local governments have not historically done a very good job at promoting themselves. If you ask the average citizen to name their local councilperson or mayor, you’d be surprised how few can. Ask them what their local tax dollars are spent on and many will report federal budget items like defense or health care. How … Continued

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