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Webinar – Protect Your Data or Pay the Price: Zero Trust & Data Security 101

Data is your municipality’s most valuable asset, and traditional approaches to security will no longer suffice. What would happen if your municipality fell victim to an attack? Ransomware is now the single biggest nightmare for every security professional and remains the most prominent malware threat. Since 2016, 4,000 attacks have happened daily in the U.S. … Continued

How Civic Experiences Impact Individuals: Resident User Survey Results

This article was written by Jennifer Elliott, Corporate Marketing Manager for CivicPlus. Residents expect more from their local governments than ever before. How are you responding? As we learned from this year’s New Normal Survey results, residents expect more from their local governments, especially regarding technology. With local governments creating, maintaining, and updating essential resident engagement processes to accommodate new expectations related to contactless … Continued

Local Gov Made My Bad Day Better

Today’s Morning Buzz is by civic dreamer and doer Sarah Moss, MPA. She is a strategist based in Denver who helps clients solve policy and political puzzles across the United States. Connect on LinkedIn and Twitter and read her past ELGL posts. What I’m Reading: Behavioral science to help state and local government with COVID-19 … Continued

Fourteen Evidence-Based Tips to Make Effective Instructional Videos

Video is the most popular way to train learners. Back in the 1990s, it took much work to create a good instructional video. Today, it’s easy to make a video from your smartphone or through PowerPoint’s recording function. Video is so easy to create that trainers turn on the recorder and start talking. We have … Continued

The Non-Technical Guide to Cloud Advantages for Government

This guide was shared with ELGL by our friends at OpenGov.  Let’s break down the true benefits of cloud software for government in a way that anyone can understand. It’s hard to even open your email inbox without someone talking about the cloud, why you need to move to it, and what the benefits are. … Continued

Which Permitting Software is Right For You?

This guide was shared with ELGL by our friends at OpenGov.  With so many options out there for permitting software, figuring out which solution has the features your organization needs can feel daunting, especially when juggling the day to day demands of local governance. That’s why we’ve created this quick guide to help government leaders … Continued

The “Stackoverflow” Model for Local Government Knowledge Sharing

Today’s Morning Buzz is brought to you by Ido Ivry, co-founder and CTO of Zencity, and a longtime fanboy of ELGL. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and sometimes even on Clubhouse. What I’m Reading: Think Again: How to reason and argue by Walter Sinnott-Armstrong; it’s a book about how to argue more … Continued

How Savvy Local Governments are Instantly Connecting to More Citizens

Moses McCall, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer writes about how flash briefings can help local governments instantly connect to more citizens. See all of our articles on data and technology.  As we have learned in 2020, important things in our world are constantly changing and people expect to have instant access to updated information … Continued

A Modern Learning Platform for State and Local Government Employees

Around 2005, a fellow doctoral student and head of public affairs for a U.S. state’s public health office network asked me to help him build an online training platform for all his employees. He turned to me because I was an expert (out of necessity) in building IT solutions rapidly and with no money. He … Continued

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