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Why Collaboration is Key to Building Excellence

Today’s Morning Buzz is by Morning Buzzer Anna Marum – connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter! What I’m watching: Parts Unknown (It’s as much about economic development as it is about food. RIP Tony.) What I’m listening to: Chvrches What I’m reading: Vanity Fair Happy Economic Development Week! In honor of the week, we’re … Continued

Even Annelise Deserves Empathy

What I’m Watching: Oh, man. I am deep in a YA Netflix binge of “All-American”. I’m a sucker for shows about teens moving from a poor neighborhood to a rich neighborhood AND inspirational sports stories. And it has Taye Diggs. What I’m Reading: Currently on the third book in my one-person “Democratic Presidential Candidate Memoir” … Continued

Workforce 2030

What I’m listening to – Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All What I’m watching – Coverage of the Douglas County school shooting What I’m doing – Researching master plans I was privileged to travel to Washington, DC last week to attend a meeting of the Center for State and Local Government Excellence … Continued

Who Am I?

Today’s Buzz is by Will Hampton – connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter! What I’m Watching: Game of Thrones (aren’t we all?) What I’m Reading: “Laughing at the Devil. Seeing the World with Julian of Norwich,” by Amy Laura Hall What I’m Listening To: The Joe Rogan Experience podcast with journalist and author Graham Hancock. Who am I? … Continued

Don’t Lose Your Momentum

Today’s Buzz is by Samantha Roberts– connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter! What I’m looking forward to: A Public Records training by our state Public Records Advocate tomorrow What I’m drinking: Cherry Lime La Croix, my favorite What I’m listening to: My almost four-year old’s 259th excuse to stay awake ———————– In my organization, leadership encourages staff … Continued

Financial Literacy Begins Here!

Today’s Buzz is by Susan Steward– connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter! What I am watching: Game of Thrones (#ARYA) What I am listening to: Florence + The Machine Mix What I am reading: Interviews with Maisie Williams about GoT   In my last post I wrote about the delicate balance between being innovative and inundating. I … Continued

#ELGLInspire Year In Review

Today’s Morning Buzz is by Kirsten Wyatt. What I’m Reading: The Kremlin’s Candidate (I have until midnight to read 150 pages before my digital loan expires – wish me luck.) What I’m Listening To: All of the great song ideas for the #ELGL19 playlist – tweet your ideas to Adria Finch! What I’m Watching: Schitt’s … Continued

Be The Reason, Daily

Right Now with Mario Smith (LinkedIn/ Twitter/ Instagram) What I’m reading: Today I read about some WWII historic moments. What I’m watching: Seinfeld. What I’m listening to: Joe Bonamassa – Get Back My Tomorrow Be the reason people enjoy coming into the office, daily. Have you heard this before? Recently, I was asked about this statement and … Continued

State of Social at State of the City

Right Now with Nick Smith (Linkedin/Twitter) What I’m watching: Science YouTuber / actual rocket scientist Destin Sandlin’s 3-part series on how bad actors are manipulating social media algorithms What I’m listening to: Dinosaur Pile-Up’s new single “Thrash Metal Cassette” (NSFW language, grab headphones and a working air guitar) Our State of the City event is … Continued

Problem Solving Negotiations Training Recap

Today’s Buzz is by Kylie Bayer, HR Manager, City of McMinnville, OR Connect: Twitter or LinkedIn What I’m Listening To: Lizzo. Loudly. Also maybe this playlist… What I’m Reading: Do You Have Kids? Life When The Answer Is No by Kate Kaufmann What I’m Watching: Game 5 of the Portland/OKC playoff series and giggling at … Continued

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