#ELGLHaverford Winners: 1-5

Posted on November 18, 2019


It’s time to celebrate the top companies and vendors working with local government!

The ELGL Haverford Award celebrates the top companies that work with local government. We often say “we’re all in this together” and that mindset shapes the way we work with the people who work in the private sector. We don’t differentiate between our members who work for local government, from people who work with local government.

We received a lot of nominations from ELGL members who wanted to tell their stories about why they thought these companies deserve ELGL recognition. Click through and read about each company – today, or when your local government is looking for new relationships and partnerships.

Today, we’re celebrating the companies ranked 1-5 on the 2019 #ELGLHaverford list:

Balancing Act

#1 – Balancing Act

ELGL members say: “I have always felt Chris is less interested in selling a product and more interested in forming lasting connections to improve our profession. Once you determine the tools you want to add to your tool box, Balancing Act provides great trainings to get you up and running.”

mySidewalk logo#2 – mySidewalk

ELGL members say: “mySidewalk did a phenomenal job in breaking down technical terms in a manner that lay firefighters, citizens, and elected officials could understand which contributed to the risk assessment being embraced with minimal resistance. With a priority and passion to serve public servants, the partnership between the Hartford Fire Department and mySidewalk has truly made a difference in our community.”

Envisio#3: Envisio

ELGL members say: “Envisio really made the on boarding process as painless as possible. Before we had even completed training or entered our strategic plan into the web application, Envisio helped us track progress on a seperate work plan as an extended trial. It helped solve a need we had in the moment and allowed us to make the on boarding with Envisio part of what we were already working on in our day-to-day.”

bang the table#4 – Bang the Table

ELGL members say: “Bang the Table is the only company I have ever really been 100% satisfied with. They have exceeded my expectations in every way. Also, they really are experts in engagement. Frankly, they often times know more than we do and are always happy to answer questions (and sometimes offer advice without us asking) about how best to gather the feedback we are looking for.”

TNCG#5 – The Novak Consulting Group

ELGL members say: “They make an effort to really get to know you and your organization, provide you with a sound proposal of scope, timeline and cost and encourage you to reach out to other clients for reference checks. They are in it to improve local government first and foremost. For them it’s clear it’s not just a job but a vocation and calling as public servants.”

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