#ELGLHaverford Winners: 16-20

Posted on November 13, 2019

It’s time to celebrate the top companies and vendors working with local government!

The ELGL Haverford Award celebrates the top companies that work with local government. We often say “we’re all in this together” and that mindset shapes the way we work with the people who work in the private sector. We don’t differentiate between our members who work for local government, from people who work with local government.

We received a lot of nominations from ELGL members who wanted to tell their stories about why they thought these companies deserve ELGL recognition. Click through and read about each company – today, or when your local government is looking for new relationships and partnerships.

Today, we’re celebrating the companies ranked 16-20 on the 2019 #ELGLHaverford list:

viewpoint#16 – Viewpoint

ELGL members say:The system is so easy that employees simply were able to learn the software on their own with very minimal direction and the training that they paid for was going unused and was unnecessary.”

mark 43#17 – Mark43

ELGL members say:The Richmond Police Department is seeing a significant time and cost savings since implementing Mark43 RMS. The sworn officers of the Richmond Police Department can complete reports faster than ever before and rapidly access data from remote locations and devices.”

municode#18 – MuniCode

ELGL members say:Partnering with Municode has given us an award winning (3CMA Savvy Award) website that meets ADA requirements, and is mobile responsive.  We also partner with Municode for our meeting management needs which supports our goals for being open and transparent and meeting ADA accessibility requirements.”

lynchpin#19 – LynchPin Ideas

ELGL members say:CEO Laura Lynch has been more than just a vendor, she and her company have been a true partner with each project and initiative. She has repeatedly come to me with new ideas and ways to tackle our community engagement hurdles.”

state scoop#20 – StateScoop

ELGL members say: “State Scoop has filled a much needed void in my life for coverage of local government issues. I have enjoyed their special series and their continued focus on technology topics. If I didn’t have ELGL and State Scoop, I would feel like there was no coverage of local government from a national media company.”

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