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Podcast: Community Engagement & Video Etiquette with Becky Hirst

Becky Hirst Community Engagement Consultant LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube Tips for Video Conferencing. Becky Hirst, Community Engagement Consultant from McLaren Vale, South Australia, joined the podcast to talk about her work as a community engagement consultant and her new e-book covering video conferencing etiquette. She discussed how she works with communities to inform the … Continued

Behind the Scenes of #CityHallSelfie Day

ELGL co-founder Kent Wyatt is straight bloggin’ about the greatest day of the year. It is about to go down…. #CityHallSelfie Day is here. I’m here to keep you warm and comfy throughout the greatest day of the year. Until Next Year… A few wrap up items from City Hall Selfie Day: Stephen Kleinschmit‏ ran … Continued

360 Review with Andrew Coulson, Australia

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned performance review? ELGL loves them so much that we’re embarking on a “360 Review of Local Government.” We’re going to evaluate every single inch of the local government arena by talking to ourselves (a.k.a: other local government professionals), tech companies, journalists, professors, and anyone else who hasn’t blocked our … Continued

Hello America…..This Is Australia Calling

Perhaps we should add an “I” in front of ELGL as we have gone international with new correspondents Andrew Coulson and Ashleigh Weeden (Canada). Andrew introduces you to……..himself and highlights six important news articles in the first entry in his new ELGL column. A Vegemite cheers to Andrew’s debut! Our Man Down Under by Andrew Coulson, July 21, … Continued

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