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Breaking Down Barriers Between the Media and Local Government

In our continuing partnership with Governing, Bridget Doyle, City of Sterling Heights, MI, contributes a column on building a relationship between local government and the media.  How Local Government Can Navigate a Disrupted Media Landscape One of the most important challenges for local governments is to find ways to effectively share and communicate news and … Continued

GovLove, the Serial of Local Government

Episode 33: Meet the Fergusons What’s it like to balance a two career household when both people are in local government? Meet Bo and Michelle Ferguson, they’ve been doing just that for most of their careers and have found a way to make it work. Listen as they discuss their career paths, work-life balance and … Continued

Teachable Moment: ELGL Journalist Trio Weighs-In on #KirbyDelauter

By Bridget Doyle, Sam Taylor and Patrick Rollens Earlier this week, a Councilman named Kirby Delauter from Frederick County, Md. threatened a local reporter with a lawsuit for using his name without permission (note: the threat was posted on Facebook). In its response to the threat, the Frederick News-Post released a witty editorial chastising Delauter and … Continued

Smitten With the Mitten: Bridget Doyle Heads to Sterling Heights

STERLING HEIGHTS: Council appoints new Community Relations director Bridget Doyle, one of our fearless Midwest leaders, is on the move. This week Bridget was selected as the Sterling Heights, MI Community Relations director. Bridget was serving as the Lombard (IL) Communications Coordinator. Here’s what Bridget had to say about the new gig: “This is truly … Continued

Deep Thoughts with Bridget Doyle, Village of Lombard, IL

Prepare for #ELGL14 by learning about who is attending. Find out if you’ll be surrounded by soft talkers, loud eaters, and finger biters or whether you’ll be surrounded by the best in local government. Bridget Doyle Village of Lombard, IL – Communications Coordinator Connect: LinkedIn and Twitter   #ELGL14 is…my first trip to the Pacific Northwest, my … Continued

Communications Breakdown: Convergence is the Name of the Game

By Shawn Patrick Floss and Bridget Doyle Until recently, broadcast reporters and print reporters stuck to their own arena of journalism. Broadcast focused on its well-coiffed anchors, on-scene stand-ups and colorful B-roll; print informed the masses with the beauty of the written word showcased in front page news stories, columns and features. While both types of journalism still … Continued

Midwest ELGL Leader Bridget Doyle Featured in OCCMA Newsletter

This week one of Bridget Doyle’s ELGL articles appeared in the Oregon City/County Management Association’s (OCCMA) quarterly newsletter! The article, “Journalists with ‘Quotas’ are Looking for Stories… Let’s Help,” was first featured as a part of Bridget’s column Communication Breakdown. Her analysis of how journalism’s shift in the internet age has impacted local governments is a … Continued

Communication Breakdown: Quotas and Clicks – The Impact on Local Government

New York Times: Risks Abound as Reporters Play in Traffic     We asked Bridget Doyle, Lombard (IL) communications coordinator and former Chicago Tribune reporter, for her response to the recent Willamette Week article, “The Click Factory.” The article described the Oregonian’s new strategy of offering incentives to reporters to develop a more robust online presence. Oregonian … Continued

Two Communicators, Two Municipalities, One Message for a Weather Event

Patrick Rollens and Bridget Doyle partner up to highlight three communication tips for your organization to consider during a weather event. We’re not meteorologists or newscasters, but residents will often turn to their local government for information during severe weather events. How bad will it be in my community? Should I drive to work? Is there school … Continued

Communication Breakdown: Press Releases Aren’t Dead?

Bridget Doyle, Midwest ELGL co-founder and Lombard (IL) communications coordinator, presents another edition of Communication Breakdown. Why should you listen to Bridget? Bridget speaks from experience. She interacted with local governments during her time as a Chicago Tribune reporter and knows how local governments can improve their messaging with the media.     Communication Breakdown: … Continued

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