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ELGL19 Session: Figuring Out What Works, Evaluation in Local Government

Time: 2:00 pm Thursday, May 16 Location: Foster Street Hallway, Room #2  Breakout: Figuring Out What Works, Evaluation in Local Government How can organizations measure if the programs and services they provide are being done as effectively and efficiently as possible? Often local governments start new programs or manage existing programs with lofty goals and outcomes … Continued

Podcast: City on the Line – Outcome Budgeting with Andrew Kleine

Andrew Kleine Author, City on the Line Former Budget Director, Baltimore, MD Website | LinkedIn | Twitter Budgeting for Outcomes. In his new book Andrew Kleine, the former Budget Director for the City of Baltimore, MD, challenges how local governments budget. He writes about how he changed budgeting in Baltimore to focus on outcomes rather than … Continued

An Interview with Andrew Kleine, Author of City of the Line

ELGL Co-Founder Kent Wyatt sat down with Andrew Kleine, the former Baltimore budget director whose new book, City on the Line: How Baltimore Transformed its Budget to Beat the Great Recession and Deliver Outcomes, will be published in October.  The book is available for pre-order here. ELGL: What motivated you to write City on the … Continued

The FY 2018-19 ELGL Budget

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. As any of you readers in who work in budget offices know, May and June is peak budget time. I’m actually writing this from the City of Durham’s first of two full day work sessions on the proposed FY 2018-19 budget. I’m humming the classic Christmas carol under … Continued

(Tentative) Approved FY 2018 ELGL Budget

Yesterday, the ELGL Finance Committee reviewed and made tentative plans to approve a fiscal year 2018 budget.  Their meeting is on Tuesday, June 20 at noon PDT at http://AnyMeeting.com/ELGL50 and it will also be recorded for electronic minutes. Please feel free to log on and listen in to their discussions and vote on the approved … Continued

Proposed FY 2018 ELGL Budget

Today I shared the fiscal year 2018 proposed budget with the ELGL Finance Committee.  It’s our first “real” budget and I’m excited that we’re on a path to long term financial sustainability. Notable items: I built in a salary for myself (!) and a contingency fund, as well as full funding  for two conferences (#ELGL18 … Continued

Podcast: Asheville Budget Explorer with Eric Jackson and Tony McDowell

    Eric Jackson Digital Services Architect Asheville, NC LinkedIn | Twitter Tony McDowell Budget Manager Asheville, NC LinkedIn Anyone that works in local government knows that the annual budget is one of the most important efforts an organization goes through each year. But getting citizens involved can be challenging. Our two guests on today’s … Continued

Podcast: Budgeting & Engagement in Durham, NC with Bertha Johnson & John Allore

  Bertha Johnson Budget Director Durham, NC LinkedIn | Twitter John Allore Assistant Budget Director Durham, NC LinkedIn | Twitter Two guests from the City of Durham, North Carolina join GovLove to discuss budgeting and engaging residents in the budget process. Bertha Johnson, Director of Budget & Management Services, and John Allore, Assistant Director of … Continued

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