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Elections in the Time of COVID-19

Today’s Buzz is by Brianna Lennon — connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn. What I’m Listening To (in the background): Parks and Recreation, Season 5, Episode 13, Emergency Response (featuring Leslie’s contingency planning for avian flu) Even on a good day, planning for Election Day has its own share of uncertainties and challenges. Throw in a worldwide … Continued

The Bachelorette: Strong Mayor Edition

Today’s Buzz is by Laura Hardwicke– connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter! What I’m Watching: The Bachelorette What I’m Reading: Bachelor Nation by Amy Kaufman What I’m listening to: The Black Keys’ new record “Let’s Rock” This is my first major local election as a local gov employee. During the last general election in … Continued

Even Election Authorities Need Community Engagement

  Today’s Morning Buzz is by brand new Morning Buzzer Brianna Lennon – connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter! What I’m watching: Grace and Frankie What I’m listening to: Amazon Music’s Beatles Station What I’m reading: Election Tools (an online resource by CTCL for election officials interested in civic engagement) The world of elections administration has evolved … Continued

Politics, Why would any decent person want to run?

Submitted by: Christian M. Williams   With the elections only two weeks away, I caught myself asking, “How could anyone have the courage to run for office?” I used to, somewhat jokingly say, “I want to be the Mayor one day.” Today more than ever, this childhood fantasy quest has made me increasingly ask, “Would … Continued

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