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Podcast: Recruiting Diverse & Talented Workforces in Georgia and Southern California

Greg Wilson Unit Manager, Workforce Development & Economic Analysis University of Georgia LinkedIn | Bio Charles Goldman Senior Economist RAND Corporation LinkedIn | Bio Attracting talent. Two guests joined the podcast to talk about two different partnerships to measure local government workforce needs and the methods for recruiting talented staff. Greg Wilson, Unit Manager at the University … Continued

The New Rules of Recruiting

Today’s Morning Buzz is by Jenny Kosek. Connect with her on Twitter or LinkedIn. What I’m Reading: Cursed: An Anthology of Dark Fairy Tales What I’m Watching: Evil What I’m Listening to: The Pierces, Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge _____________________ The rules of recruiting have changed. As many organizations are aware, hiring was tough … Continued

Podcast: Designing Effective Interview Questions and Hiring Processes with Benjamin Mead-Harvey

Benjamin Mead-Harvey Adjunct Instructor University of Illinois, School of Information Sciences Bio | LinkedIn Get a little better every week. Benjamin Mead-Harvey, Adjunct Instructor for the University of Illinois School of Information Sciences, joined the podcast to discuss interview processes and reducing bias in hiring. He discussed types of interview questions including behavioral and situational … Continued

You’re On the Clock…

Today’s Morning Buzz is by Dan Weinheimer, an ELGL Board Member 4 Lyfe and the City Manager of Newberg, Oregon. What I’m listening to – Govlove COVID-19 advice What I’m watching – The Mandalorian (This is the way… who doesn’t love some baby Yoda?) Are you ready for some local government recruiting?!?! Imagine a three-day, … Continued

Podcast: Near the Top Report with Leisha Dehart-Davis & Kimberly Nelson

Leisha Dehart-Davis Professor of Public Administration and Government UNC School of Government Bio | LinkedIn | Twitter Kimberly Nelson Associate Professor of Public Administration and Government UNC School of Government Bio | LinkedIn | Twitter Diversity in the local government profession. Two professors from the University of North Carolina School of Government share findings from … Continued

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