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Key Benefits of … Benefits

Right Now with Mario Smith (LinkedIn/Twitter) What I’m reading: Elevate: The Three Disciplines of Advanced Strategic Thinking, Rich Horwath What I’m watching: The TV waiting patiently for college football to appear again What I’m listening to: Joe Bonamassa “Evil Mama” Key Benefits of … Benefits What is the benefit of having benefits if you are unaware of … Continued

I’m Old School Part 2: Implementing Change

Right Now with Mario Smith (LinkedIn/Twitter) What I’m reading: The numerous processes to navigate my retirement from the military. What I’m watching: FIFA World Cup when I’m not finishing classwork. What I’m listening to: Joe Bonamassa – Bridge to Better Days  Implementing change in an organization, we all have went through it. Now, I know what you … Continued

Fight The Negative Or You’ll Become It

Right Now with Mario Smith (LinkedIn/Twitter) What I’m reading:  Job Postings on ELGL What I’m watching:  I’m watching my favorite childhood cartoons and having a good laugh with my wife as she makes fun of me for singing along with the characters, specifically Ariel the Little Mermaid. GO ON AN… kiss de girllllll… What I’m listening … Continued

I’m Old School Part 1: Back To Basics

Right Now with Mario Smith (LinkedIn/Twitter) What I’m reading: For the past 2 days I’ve been heavily involved in reading the Jefferson County Background. I’ve been shadowing the County Manager, Don Davis What I’m watching: I haven’t watched a show in a couple weeks due to my ‘finals week’ for 2 MBA classes; good times. I did, … Continued

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