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Podcast: Planning for Advanced Air Mobility Impacts on Local Government

  Robert Pearce Associate Administrator NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate LinkedIn | Bio Davis Hackenberg Advanced Air Mobility Mission Integration Manager NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate Twitter Urban air mobility. Two guests joined the podcast to talk about advanced air mobility and how it could change the transportation landscape for cities. Robert Pearce is the … Continued

Podcast: Transportation for a Strong Town with Charles Marohn

Charles Marohn President & Co-Founder Strong Towns LinkedIn | Twitter Designing streets for neighborhoods. Charles Marohn, the President and Co-Founder of Strong Towns, joined the podcast to talk about his new book on transportation, Confessions of a Recovering Engineer. He discussed streets, roads, and stroads, as well as the importance of designing streets for the … Continued

Podcast: Curb Management with Chrissy Mancini Nichols, Walker Consultants

Chrissy Mancini Nichols National Director of Curb Management and New Mobility Walker Consultants LinkedIn | Twitter | Blog Maximizing the curb. Chrissy Mancini Nichols, National Director of Curb Management and New Mobility at Walker Consultants, joined the podcast to discuss curb management policy. She shared the difference between the analog curb and the digital curb. Chrissy … Continued

The Movement Podcast: The Work is Never Done with Ben Kittelson

This week our very own Ben Kittelson, ELGL Board of Directors and GovLove Co-Host, joined The Movement Podcast to talk about local government and the role that government has in the mobility sector. Topics include: The origins of ELGL and the approach to GovLove Trends in mobility in local government Approaches to equity and equitable … Continued

Podcast: Mobility & Equity with Charles T. Brown, Equitable Cities

Charles T. Brown Founder & CEO, Equitable Cities Adjunct Professor, Rutgers University LinkedIn | Twitter Arrested mobility. Charles T. Brown, the Founder & CEO of Equitable Cities and Professor of Planning & Public Policy at Rutgers University, joined the podcast to talk about the connection between mobility and equity. He discussed the concept of arrested … Continued

Podcast: Mobility and Infrastructure in Pittsburgh, PA with Karina Ricks

Karina Ricks Director of Mobility and Infrastructure City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Bio | LinkedIn | Twitter Economic development through transportation. Karina Ricks, the Director of the Mobility and Infrastructure Department in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, joined the podcast to talk about how Pittsburgh is working with transportation companies in a collaborative way and how her department emphasizes … Continued

A Call For Equitable Economic Development

Today’s Morning Buzz is by Rafael Baptista. Connect with Rafael on LinkedIn and Twitter. What I’m Reading: The Big Fix: The Hunt for the Match-Fixers Bringing Down Soccer by Brett Forest What I’m Watching: The Americans on Amazon Prime When most people picture economic development, they think of smooth-talking economic developers convincing companies to bring their jobs and … Continued

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