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Podcast: Communications and Podcasting with Christine Martindale, Port Orange, FL

Christine Martindale Public Information Officer Port Orange, Florida LinkedIn The Port Orange Government Show. Christine Martindale, Public Information Officer for the City of Port Orange, Florida, joined the podcast to talk about her new podcast for the City of Port Orange. She shared her transition from the private sector into local government as well as … Continued

Transparency & Storytelling Are More Important Now Than Ever Before

Are there too many public information officers (PIOs)?  Share your perspective by signing up to write an article for ELGL. Nick Smith, City of Gaithersburg, Maryland, kicked off the column with his take. Now, Chris Floore, Assistant to the County Manager for Public Affairs, Macon-Bibb County, writes about his experience. I’m not going to attack the report nor … Continued

Call for Writers: Role of the Public Information Officer

The Society of Professional Journalists research suggests that a surge in PIOs negatively impacts journalism. ELGL members have debated the finding in the ELGL Facebook group for the last week. Now, we’re taking a more detailed look at the topic. We want to know if you agree and how you view the role of public information officer. We encourage … Continued

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