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Rewind: Dealing with Social Media Trolls

Webinar Recording: Dealing with Social Media Trolls – Chris Hernandez, City of Kansas City, MO Takeaways – #TrollHunter Before you make someone a #localgov #socialmedia admin, ask a few questions to see if they “get it”. Let the media know when their sources are repeatedly providing incorrect facts. Kansas City┬áhas a rumor page but cautions … Continued

Dealing with Trolls: Handling Negativity in the Age of Social Media

Link:┬áRegister for the Nov. 24 Webinar Dealing with Trolls ELGL is excited to announce a new webinar coming up in a couple of weeks! Chris Hernandez the Communications Director of Kansas City, Missouri will be chatting with us about handling negativity as a government communicator. From trolls on facebook to the local anti-government blog, every … Continued

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