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Membership Matters: Stacy Schweikhart Gives the #GiftofELGL

Mentor. Student. Star. Who will you give the #GiftofELGL? For me, it’s a joy to spread some ELGL cheer to these three amazing women. Mentor: Amy Walbridge I first met Amy when we were both working on neighborhood based community development projects in the city of Dayton.  Amy is a spark.  A catalyst.  A dreamer.  And … Continued

I Love BBQ: Stacy Schweikhart, City of Kettering, OH

No one likes to attend an event when they don’t know anyone else attending, so ELGL is publishing daily “I Love BBQ” profiles of our registered attendees to give you a sneak peek and preview of your fellow local government BBQ aficionados.  Link: Register for ELGL at #ICMA16: BBQ Mixer Stacy Schweikhart City of Kettering, Community Information … Continued

I Love BBQ: Mark Schweikhart

ELGL is co-hosting the hottest social event at #ICMA16 in Kansas City, MO – the Sunday evening BBQ Mix & Mingle. No one likes to attend an event when they don’t know anyone else attending, so ELGL is publishing daily “I Love BBQ” profiles of our registered attendees to give you a sneak peek and preview … Continued

Winning! Stacy Schweikhart Named One of the Tops in Dayton Area

Big ups to ELGL leader Stacy Schweikhart (LinkedIn and Twitter), City of Kettering, OH, for being recognized in the Dayton Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 for 2016. Check out some of Stacy’s contributions to ELGL. Cycling’s Lessons for Government Leaders #13Percent: Engaging the #87Percent #13percent: What it Means and How County Leaders Can Join In What I … Continued

What I Am with Stacy Schweikhart, City of Kettering, OH

Link: ELGL Spreads Across the Country “Cross between The Atlantic magazine and Buzzfeed” Welcome to our new member feature. We’ve all heard the excuse “I’m too busy” too many times so we’ve simplified our new member feature to illicit short, meaningful responses. Stacy Schweikhart (LinkedIn and Twitter) is the Community Information Manager for the City of Kettering, Ohio. … Continued

What’s Next?

What I am watching: The West Wing What I am listening to: local news coverage of another incoming snowmaggedon What I am reading: Final copy of Mayor’s State of the City address When a larger than expected snowstorm arrived this past weekend, and as a result southwest Ohio panicked like we’d never seen snow before … Continued

On the Road With ELGL

ELGL is participating in or hosting 15 events between January and May – take a look at our busy calendar and connect with the ELGL reps who will be in attendance at these great local government learning opportunities! Jan 30 – City Management Association of Oklahoma Conference – Kirsten Feb 6 – Colorado City and County … Continued

Beware: Culture Vultures

Right Now with Stacy Schweikhart  (LinkedIn/Twitter) What I’m reading: My list and checking it twice  What I’m watching: Old SNL skits – my middle-school sons just discovered  them and I’m laughing as hard at them now as I did when they first aired.  What I’m listening to:  All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan … Continued

#ELGLThankful: How Lucky You Are

Fellow Board Member Stacy Schweikhart started the #ELGLThankful hashtag. She has posted thirty days’ worth of gratitude on behalf of ELGL. The campaign led me to ask myself, “what am I most thankful to have experienced related to ELGL?” For me,  it is the amazing people I have met and our experiences at the ICMA … Continued

Ask Ellie & Jill: Your Social Media Footprint

In the series, ELGL members can anonymously send their questions, difficulties or scenarios to [email protected] and receive a response from the ghost writing response team. Your name, organization and other details will not be shared in the posting or subsequent response. Dear Ellie & Jill, What advice can you provide on how to manage your local government social media … Continued

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