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Go Forth and Facilitate

This Morning Buzz is brought to you by Ariana Adame, Planning Manager. Connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Website. What I’m Reading: Dare to Lead, Brene Brown   What I’m Re-Watching: The Soprano’s   What I’m Listening To: Butter by BTS (I live with a teen and a pre-teen) Have you ever explained what … Continued

ELGL Strategic Plan – Quarterly Updates

ELGL reports on the progress on our strategic plan each quarter using our ClearPoint Strategy software. Check this post to review current and prior updates and learn more how ELGL is making progress on the plan. First Quarter, 2020 Highlights from this quarter include the National Day of Supper Clubbing, as well as a very … Continued

Strategic Planning Process, Step One- Input

Today’s Morning Buzz is by Josh Edwards, so be kind or not– either way, connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter!!! What I’m Listening To: Willie Nelson What I’m Reading: Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief What I’m Watching: Disney Plus reliving my childhood I will be jumping into the 3rd post in my Foundations of Local Government Strategic … Continued

Structure and Process

Today’s Morning Buzz is by Josh Edwards, so be kind or not– either way, connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter!!! What does Structure have to do with Strategic Planning? What I’m Listening To: The Greatest Showman Soundtrack What I’m Reading:   Fire Season, Philip Connors What I’m Watching: My two Undefeated teams lose… Sad times for Wake … Continued

Ice Breakers & Strategic Planning

This guest blog is by ELGL member Kevin Knutson with Envisio. Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn and Twitter! I’m usually terrible at ice breakers. I’m a nuts and bolts kind of guy and generally don’t like anything that feels gimmicky. During my time in government and as a consultant, I facilitated hundreds of strategic planning … Continued

Strategic Planning Webinar With Ferndale, MI

Strategic Planning Webinar Tuesday, December 4, 2018 11 AM Pacific | 12 PM Mountain | 1 PM Central | 2 PM Eastern RSVP online! ELGL members are invited to join a free webinar with the City of Ferndale, MI about the seven critical success factors and lessons they’ve learned as they conclude a two-year city … Continued

Local Government Strategic Planning Webinar

Learn from Kevin Knutson about the basics of local government strategic planning. He talks about setting reasonable performance goals, and how to report and track progress, both internally and externally. Watch the webinar!

Podcast: Building Trust through Strategic Planning with Kevin Knutson, Envisio

Kevin Knutson Vice President of Customer Success Envisio LinkedIn | Twitter Trust and accountability in local government. Kevin Knutson, the Vice President of Customer Success at Envisio, joined the podcast to talk about strategic planning, accountability and his view on the biggest challenges facing local governments. He also shared how Envisio, a software company, is helping … Continued

From Tracking To-Dos to Forecasting the Future

This Jam of the Month blog is by Pam Davis, Assistant to the City Manager, City of Goodyear The beginning of Goodyear’s Envisio story just might sound familiar to any of you who have supported an organizational shift toward more strategic leadership. A major component of our city’s performance management framework used to be our … Continued

Jam of the Month: Envisio, Local Government Strategic Planning

The Jam of the Month in September is local government strategic planning. With the help of ELGL members and our friends at Envisio, we’ll feature blog content, a GovLove episode, and a webinar. We’ll learn about topics including performance measurement, employee engagement, creating a culture of accountability, and transparent workplaces. About Envisio: Envisio is the … Continued

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