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Rest of the Story: The Portland Blotter War

The #BlotterWar Every Wednesday local reporters for the cities of Lake Oswego, West Linn, and Tigard take to Twitter to compete in an epic showdown of small police calls.  This weekly blotter war gives each reporter a chance to show off the silliest police calls from that week.  Using the hashtag #BlotterWar each reporter competes … Continued

The Rest of the Story on Your Legacy of Leadership

ELGL’s Josh Halladay goes beyond the headline, this time with management educator and author, Russ Linden. His article in Governing Magazine What Legacy of Leadership Will You Leave?  addresses the topic of the next generation and how current professionals can use them to create a legacy.  Anyone can find value in the article, whether you are … Continued

The Rest of the Story on the Deschutes County Property Tax Fairy

Local governments have been grappling with property taxes since 1990 when Measure 5 and Measure 50 went into effect. While Measure 5 simply limited the tax rates used in calculating taxes imposed, Measure 50 changed the conceptual definitions of both assessed values and tax rates. The drumbeat for property tax reform in Oregon has grown louder … Continued

The Rest of the Story on the Hillsboro Police Recruitment Video

The Story The Hillsboro Police Department began recruitment for a new police chief several weeks ago. In advertising for the position, they included a six minute recruitment video. Since then, the video has gone viral. Gawker first brought the video to the nation’s attention and BBC News has spread the video across the pond. Police … Continued

The Rest of the Story on Best City Council Commercial Ever

The Best City Council Television Ad In Existence While viewing the video was funny and reading the commentary was interesting, ELGL felt it was our “life calling” to track down the creator of the video and tell him he is the greatest, most creative, innovative, smartest person ever. Then we also decided to run a few questions … Continued

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