#LoveForVB: Our hearts are with our local government family in Virginia Beach. Please donate to the victims affected by this senseless tragedy.

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Webinar: Three Perks of Getting Your City’s Data Check-Up

Add to calendar: https://www.addevent.com/event/lH2666224 Wednesday, December 12, 02:00pm – 03:00pm (EST) How is your city doing? Completing a Certification assessment allows your city to know exactly how to answer that question and opens the door for you to receive exclusive support from What Works Cities as you build a well-managed local government. Join WWC partner Results … Continued

A Constant Evolution: What Makes a Well-Managed City

This What Works Cities Certification post is by Stephen Goldsmith, Mark Headd, Myung Lee, and Jennifer Pahlka and it appears on the What Works Cities Certification Medium page. The hard work of building a data-driven local government is a journey and not a destination — there is always room for improvement, and a truly well-managed city never stops looking for opportunities … Continued

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